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Personal injury cases are complicated and hard to prove. Each case is different and requires specific strategies and often experts to recover compensation. The cases involving catastrophic injury are more complicated as the stakes are higher for the parties involved.


A catastrophic injury will alter your life significantly. It may destroy a person’s normal life and at the same time, even worse, ruin them financially. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, your financial losses may be mitigated by recovering money from the at-fault party.


Catastrophic Injuries Explained

Catastrophic injuries are identified based on their severity and impact on normal life. Any injury which is so severe that it leaves a permanent effect on the victim is a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries may have short-term, long-term, or both types of effects on the person’s life. A catastrophic injury prevents a person from doing productive work and leading a normal life. Certainly not the same life that the victim had before the injury occurred.  Some victims of a catastrophic injury may never recover and the damage they endure may be permanent.


There is no defined set of injuries that can be termed a catastrophic injury. They can be identified based on their severity and impact on day-to-day life. Below some examples of catastrophic injuries are given:  

  • Severe spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Injuries resulting in loss of a limbs
  • Injuries causing loss of senses (vision, hearing, smell, etc.)
  • Disfigurement and significant scarring injuries, and
  • Injury with long-term or permanent disability.

Handling A Catastrophic Injury Claim

Catastrophic injuries leave our clients facing unimaginable challenges. Some can never go back to their normal life or engage in any productive work. Sometimes long-term treatment is necessary, which can ruin a person financially without proper support. Again, with catastrophic injuries, many remain out of work for a long time, while some are unable to work forever. These factors help explain why the amount of compensation clients may receive for catastrophic injuries vary so much.


Because of this, one must be very careful before accepting any settlement offer in these cases. Many aspects including the loss of past and future income, past and future medical bills, physical and emotional sufferings are taken into consideration while calculating the claim amount. Our network of experts can be of tremendous value in demonstrating these values to a jury.


Get A Free Evaluation Of Your Case

If you or your loved one has faced a catastrophic injury, get legal help as soon as possible. Establishing a claim, let alone going to court and getting an appropriate settlement is not a simple process. To establish your claim, you will have to build a strong case and provide supporting evidence, even if the party who caused the catastrophic injury was clearly at fault. If there is a question about whether that party was completely at fault, then your claim is even more complicated.


We provide free consultation and case evaluation in catastrophic personal injury cases. Our services are contingency basis, which means we only charge you a fee if and when we get a favorable outcome in your case.

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