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Surviving a burn injury can be a complex and challenging journey, with the possibility of enduring long-term and potentially life-threatening consequences like chronic pain, infection, and in extreme situations, amputation. The road to recovery can be slow and complex, involving multiple operations and skin grafts, adding a financial strain to an already trying time. The physical scars can cause mobility loss and physical and emotional turmoil. However, if your burn injury resulted from someone else's negligence, you should never face this journey alone.

Burn injuries can escalate into persistent and long-lasting problems, making it imperative to secure the services of a competent law firm without delay. At Viper Law Group, we take pride in providing a dependable approach to personal injury cases in Phoenix. With extensive experience in handling burn injuries and a robust network of medical specialists, we offer unparalleled dedication and care to our clients. Contact our Phoenix burn injury attorneys today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

Prevalent Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns can result from accidents, such as contact with scalding liquids, steam, fire, electricity, radiation, or harsh chemicals. These substances can damage or destroy skin tissues, resulting in a burn. Such burns, particularly near major arteries and organs, can be severe and require extensive medical treatment, including skin grafts. By recognizing the frequent causes of burn injuries, one can take steps to avoid them and identify the responsible party for creating the hazard. 

The American Burn Association (ABA) reported that burn injuries are still a major cause of accidental death and injury in the US. From 2011 to 2015, nearly 486,000 fire or burn injuries were seen in emergency departments. In 2016, there were 3,390 fire-related deaths, with one death every 2 hours and 35 minutes. The top causes of burn injuries include:

  • fire/flame
  • scalds
  • hot objects
  • electricity 
  • chemicals

Despite the high survival rate in burn centers (96.7%), burn survivors often face long-term effects like scarring, physical disabilities, and adjustment difficulties. Interestingly, most burn injuries occur at home (73%) and are more likely to happen to males, children, and the disabled. Children under five and young adults 20-29 are at a higher risk of burn injury.

What Are The Various Forms of Burn Injuries?

Burns are categorized by their severity and extent of damage to the skin. The four classifications of burns are:

  1. First-Degree Burns: These cause red, tender skin that is sensitive to touch, such as mild sunburn. The skin remains intact and unbroken.
  2. Second-Degree Burns: These burns produce swelling, red skin, and blisters, and if left untreated, they may become infected.
  3. Third-Degree Burns: Third-degree burns cause charred, translucent skin and are extremely painful, often requiring medical treatment. The tissue is destroyed, and scarring is likely.
  4. Fourth-Degree Burns: These are the most dangerous, penetrating beyond the skin to affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. They can be life-threatening and may result in amputation.

The most common types of burns are:

  1. Thermal Burns: Occur from direct contact with hot objects such as boiling water, steam, open flames, or hot objects like stovetops.
  2. Electric Burns: These happen when the skin comes in contact with an electric current, such as a live wire.
  3. Chemical Burns: Result from exposure to corrosive acid or base chemicals through ingestion, touch, or inhalation.
  4. Radiation Burns: These can be caused by x-ray machines but are most commonly seen as sunburn from exposure to tanning lamps or the sun.

Getting Compensation For Your Burn Injury

If you have suffered a burn injury due to someone else's negligence in Arizona, you have the right to seek financial compensation. While money can't undo the harm, burn injury victims are entitled to seek compensation from the party responsible for their pain and mental distress. The amount of compensation is determined by the court or in settlement negotiations and is usually based on what others with similar injuries have received.

When a burn injury occurs due to someone else's negligence, it can lead to many costs. Treating burn injuries can take months, including long-term costs for rehabilitation and therapy. Our Phoenix, AZ, burn injury lawyers are dedicated to helping victims obtain total compensation to cover these costs and other expenses related to their injuries. 

Here are some damages that you may be able to be compensations for:

  • Medical Treatment Costs: The cost of both past and future medical treatment for your burn injury can add up quickly. This includes any necessary surgeries, hospital stays, and medications.

  • Rehabilitation Expenses: Burn injuries often require ongoing rehabilitation to help restore physical function and mobility. These expenses can add up over time.

  • Lost Wages: A burn injury can prevent you from working, resulting in lost wages. This can be a significant financial burden, especially if your injury requires a lengthy recovery period.

  • Diminished Earning Capacity: In some cases, a burn injury may impact your ability to perform your job or require you to take on a less strenuous role, resulting in a loss of income.

  • Disfigurement: Some burn injuries may result in permanent scarring or disfigurement, causing emotional distress and impacting your self-esteem.

  • Emotional Trauma: Burn injuries can cause emotional stress and anguish, leading to the need for counseling or other forms of mental health treatment.

  • Long-term Needs: Other long-term needs may arise due to your burn injury, including home modifications or assistive devices.

Contact A Burn Injury Attorney in Phoenix

If you or a loved one has sustained severe burn injuries due to the negligence of someone, you must contact our attorneys immediately. The accomplished burn injury attorneys at Viper Law Group in Arizona are determined to build a compelling case for you. Don't accept less than you're entitled to after experiencing life-altering burns that cause pain, scars, and disfigurement. 

We will strive for just compensation for all the harm sustained in the accident, including medical costs, missed income, physical discomfort, and emotional distress. Book a free, confidential evaluation of your case by calling our Phoenix office today.

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