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Millions of different products are bought and sold every day. They are all, however, supposed to be safe to consumers. Products must be manufactured, labeled and marketed in accordance with state and federal laws. Defective products expose consumers or patients to dangers that are not included on the warning labels. Often times false marketing can influence consumers to not only buy these dangerous products, but to place their personal health and well-being at risk. For example, if a drug does not have all of its side effects labeled, an innocent individual could be seriously injured or killed from side effects of usage. A Trial Attorney from our firm can provide you or a loved one with powerful and effective legal representation if you have been injured by a defective product.

Types of Defective Product cases we handle include:

• Defec. Consumer Products

• Product Recalls

• Defective Medical Devices

• Defective Tires  

• Dangerous Drugs

Consumers or patients who read all warning labels and use the products, devices or drugs in their intended manner should not be in danger of suffering an injury or losing their life. In our nation’s history manufacturers, retailers and even advertisers have made false claims, failed to inform consumers of dangers, and manufactured faulty or defective products which have caused serious injuries and loss of life. Their failure to be responsible and exercise reasonable care for the safety of consumers is unacceptable. Our law firm fights to change this and hold them accountable. Viper Law Group is here to represent you.

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