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Viper Law Group has indispensable experience in an array of personal injury cases involving car accidents. Whether the accident involves a pedestrian, a bicyclist or a semi-truck we meticulously inspect the collision, combine the expertise from medical professionals to properly assess the scope of your injuries. All while serving you with an immeasurable level of dedication which has been the cornerstone of our reputation.

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Insurance companies will undoubtedly offer you the smallest amount they possibly can. Viper Law Group fights hard to help you get the maximum amount of compensation possible. This includes auto accidents involving reckless driving, car defects, drunk driving, and freeway defects, among others. Your focus should be on healing and recuperating.  Let Viper Law Group and Attorney Tanveer Shah manage your legal matters while you focus your health.

What you should do after a car crash:

  • Call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Many clients are in shock and are not able to identify their injuries.  Many of our clients say they felt that something was not “normal” after the crash. If this is the case, call emergency services immediately.
  • If you are having pain or have suffered an injury go to the Hospital immediately and seek medical attention and tell the emergency room Physician everything you can about the crash including any pain you are having.
  • Please make sure you tell them if you are having dizziness, vision issues, disoriented, confused, have trouble remembering things or recall hitting your head. If you have these symptoms at the scene of the crash or as often times is the case, after the crash or the next few days, go the Hospital immediately. These are all symptoms of brain trauma. Brain injuries are very serious and often go undiagnosed.
  • If you are not in need of immediate medical attention, get the insurance information from the other driver(s) including their license number driver’s license number at the scene. If the Police arrive at the scene this information will usually be on the “Information Exchange Sheet”.
  • If you are physically able to, get all witnesses names, addresses and telephone numbers. If not, the Police Report should contain this information.
  • If you are physically able to, take as many pictures of the crash scene as possible. Include all cars involved and photograph all visible injuries of all the victims.
  • Do not talk to anyone about the crash or your injuries especially an insurance adjuster. Only discuss the crash with Police at the scene, witnesses, your treating healthcare provider(s) and your Attorney.
  • Do not sign anything related to the crash until you have consulted with your Attorney.

We are Arizona’s premier car accident Trial Attorneys.

Having a true Trial Attorney is very important in winning your car accident case and getting maximum compensation.  After all, long gone are the days of “an eye for an eye” and now “Justice” is measured by compensation that the victim receives from the at-fault party. It is important to note not all injury attorneys go to trial. We do. If you’ve been involved or injured in a car accident, please call our firm at (480) 566-9445 to discuss your rights. Viper Law Group offers free consultations and we are available 24/7.   Time is of the essence to preserve your rights and file your claim under Arizona law.  Do not delay, call today.

Who is going to pay for your medical bills?  Viper Law Group can explain the answer to this very important question in great detail.  This is one of the most stressful components of a case for clients.  We will guide you through this process and explore all of your options with you.  Our experience and reputation was built on getting amazing results for our clients.  And how you go about paying for your medical care is a vital part of that process.  To learn more, call us today for a free consultation at (480) 566-9445 if you have been in an accident.

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