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Arizona Jury Returns Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Phoenix Bad Faith Insurance Case

Insurance Bad Faith

Attorney Tanveer Shah’s most recent trial victory came on March 25, 2014 in Maricopa County Superior Court. Attorney Shah was one of three Attorneys representing the client whose property suffered serious damage caused by a hail and wind storm in 2010.  The damage was clearly covered by their insurance contract. However, the insurance company failed to even properly investigate the property damage before they denied the claim. The insurance adjusters did not even get on all the roofs of the buildings before they determined there was absolutely no damage to the property. After the client repeatedly requested the insurance company reinspect the property they refused. Once the Attorneys were hired, the insurance company re-inspected the property but still wrongfully delayed and denied the full value client’s claim for damage. As a result of the insurance company’s deplorable conduct, for nearly four years the client suffered more than just having to deal with the damage to their property.

Unbelievably, before the Attorneys got involved the insurance company offered 0 (zero) dollars for the damage. The Attorneys then filed a lawsuit against the insurance company which contained two principle counts: (I) Breach of Contract and (II) Bad Faith (also known as “Breach of the Implied Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing”). After a seven day trial, the jury returned a unanimous multi-million dollar verdict for the client. The jury heard every excuse the insurance company offered and was not persuaded. In fact, the jury sent a clear message about their disgust with the insurance company’s behavior. The jury verdict included nearly two million dollars in punitive damages intended to deter the insurance company and hopefully others from engaging in this type of deplorable conduct.   After several years of litigation, Justice was finally served.

Attorney Tanveer Shah has helped countless Arizonans who have suffered from devastating effects of their insurance company’s betrayal and bad faith conduct.  These honest policyholders all had legitimate claims that were wrongfully delayed or denied by their insurance company.  If you feel that your insurance company has improperly investigated or wrongfully denied your claim or has failed to pay you the full value of your claim call Viper Law Group, Arizona’s bad faith insurance attorneys today.  You may also use the “Quick Contact” form to the right to set up a free consultation to determine if we can help you.  A Trial Attorney familiar with Phoenix insurance claims and wrongful denials is ready to speak with you regarding your case.

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