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Going Green

At Viper Law Group, we truly believe that a sustainable environment can co-exist with economic growth, but it will take new thinking. We recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment not only locally but also nationally and internationally. We want to limit these impacts as much as possible and view compliance with environmental law not as a benchmark but as a minimum.

going green

Our practice is geared for litigation with a paperless and digital workflow.  We have installed high efficiency Apple computers, known for their energy efficiency and “green” features. Our digital office allows us to conserve energy and space with very little use of paper, toner, mailings, and file cabinets. In addition, we recycle paper and equipment as well as re-purpose or donate older equipment. We shred and recycle the paper we no longer need or are required to keep by law.

Additionally, we transmit data in electronic digital format whenever possible, saving on postage, transportation and carbon emissions. We utilize digital scanning, faxing and email. Our data is available to us 24/7 from our office and on the road with our computers and devices.

To address key issues of concern and minimize our environmental impact we are committed to continuing to work toward the following  goals:

  • Remaining carbon neutral and minimizing our emissions of other greenhouse gases.
  • Reducing the production of waste and increasing recycling.
  • Efficiently using energy, water, manufactured products (like paper) and natural resources.

These goals can be achieved if we each do our part.  Together we can make a difference.

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