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Dangerous Drugs

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices have a responsibility to the public to foresee potential risks and deliver products that are free of defects. This responsibility is known as product liability. A person who has been injured by a drug or device may file a legal claim for injuries caused by product defects.

Products liability claims fall under the following categories:

Design Defects – These are cases where it is possible to foresee that a product will cause an injury due to its design. The manufacturer may be able to avoid or reduce the injury by changing the way the product is made.

Marketing Defects – These are cases where the manufacturer or others give inadequate instructions or warnings or simply fail to warn consumers about a product’s foreseeable risks.

Manufacturing Defects – These are cases where design and marketing are proper, but a mistake occurs during the manufacturing process that leads to a defect.

Pharmaceutical drug and medical device liability claims may fall under any of the above categories. If a product has any of these defects, its manufacturer, seller or distributor may be financially liable for any resulting injuries.

If you have been injured by a dangerous drug or defective medical device you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well as punitive damages.

For example, if any of the following apply, you may be able to receive compensation for:
– Ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, including hospitalization costs.
– Lost wages.
– Diminished quality of life.
– Pain and suffering.
– Losses related to the death of a loved one, including funeral expenses.

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