About Us

Viper LogoViper Law Group
was founded upon the principle that no legal challenge is too tough for a team of compassionate, talented, and devoted Trial Attorneys. Our founding Attorney, proud of his Midwestern roots, emphasizes that the team’s obligation is to provide each client with uncompromising customer service. For example, you will always speak to an Attorney during your free consultation. Often times the injuries you have suffered make it inconvenient or impossible to come to our offices for a consultation. In these cases, an Attorney will gladly come to your home or hospital to speak with you. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, you will be given the Attorney’s cell phone number who is handling your case. 

Our customer service is not limited to your access to your Attorney. We have built strong relationships with some of the best Physicians and healthcare facilities in Arizona and throughout the country. Through this vast network, you will have access to all the medical care you need.

The same care and concern we have for our clients, we have for our environment. Our law firm is environmentally friendly and takes active steps to reduce our carbon footprint. To see some of the ways we do our part for the environment visit our “Going Green” page. 

While our firm is built on cutting edge technology, our commitment to service is old fashioned. Our legal expertise is only surpassed by our compassion. Attorney Shah handles catastrophic injury cases across the nation and works with clients and attorneys in several states.  Attorneys nationwide have called for his assistance on catastrophic cases in arbitrations, mediations and in trial.  He has one very simple philosophy: 

Tanveer Shah Arizona Attorney“I treat every case, no matter its complexity, exactly the same…as my most important case. After all, I may handle many cases, but this is my client’s only case. Knowing this, allows me to work the nights and weekends I do, because my client’s pain does not take time off.” – Tanveer A. Shah, Esq.

The strength our clients demonstrate in the face of tragedy enables us to rise each day and fight passionately for your rights. You deserve nothing less.